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The best dream is a happy dream :)

Posted on Jul 27, 2019 by |

Dear Bunny Friends. This last 6 months I’ve been at a loss of coming up with images. Today that all changed. Happy Dreams are the Best Dreams! Last night I dreamt that I was attending another Highlights Retreat! This was the best dream, because I consider Highlights one of my happy places. This then made me think about the last 6 months. How most of my dreams … when I could remember them were dark and sad. If you know me I’m pretty much happy all the time. So why is my sub-conscious seem to be upset. I think I know the answer, but have been stuffing it down. I had an unusual mammo last fall which let to diagnostic scan this past February. They saw an abnormality but didn’t know what it was so they said come back in 6 months for another scan. In the last 6 months I’ve developed eczema and rashes…which I’m sure is just from stress or fear. This Monday is my scan and I feel that once I get past it all will be fine in my subconscious world and more Bunny’s will flow from my pen. I feel in my heart that I’m happy, healthy and whole. Would appreciate good thoughts, prayers and vibes Monday at 9am 😉 CiN

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